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Why another attorney website?

You found this website because you have questions and you have been searching for answers about Elder Law or Estate Planning or Asset Protection. My hope is that you will find those answers here. Whether you have an existing estate plan with a Will (or Trust) and have already appointed Financial and Healthcare Agents or it's your first time to plan, you want to protect your family and loved ones from catastrophic events. When you decide it is time to act (and it always is that time) you want to know that you receive the best advice for your questions.

You may have family members who are aging and you need to know how best to care for them as time passes. Protecting your elderly loved ones is something you learned while growing up. The decisions can be an emotional minefield unless you have already learned the many roles you will find yourself filling while you care for those you love. You are not alone - this is something we all will face at some time or other.

I hope you will spend some time looking at the resources on this site and find answers (or at least the necessary questions to ask) whatever your need is today. Please let me know if you think I missed a question or failed to answer exactly what is on your mind today.